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Articles - Holistic Ergonomic, Posture Care Solutions

Varidesk // 31 Oct 2019
The scientific evidence is in for what we all knew to be true: sitting too long is a major health hazard. Over the last decade, research has revealed prolonged sitting messes with ..
SingHealth // 20 Sep 2019
Sitting is killing us! As we spend countless hours seated, this has led to increased health problems. Dr Bernice Liu, Senior Physiotherapist, Department of Physiotherapy, Sengkang ..
SingHealth // 26 Aug 2019
The shoulder and elbow are commonly injured parts of the body. Elbow injuries usually result from overuse while the shoulder as one of the most moveable, yet unstable joints, is a ..
Ethan Green // 31 Jul 2019
Sometimes you just know you’ve slept badly, and that it’s going to be a tougher day than usual. Other days, you might wake up with the feeling you didn’t sleep too well, but sti..
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