How to Find the Right Ergonomic Table and Chairs for Your Kids

How to Find the Right Ergonomic Table and Chairs for Your Kids

With the June holidays fast approaching in Singapore, the right furniture can make a difference to support your child’s posture as he catches up on his studies. As you gear your child up for revision time, it's equally important that he has a space where he can feel comfortable and work at his best. The wrong study table or chair may otherwise lead to the development of bad habits and poor body mechanics, which will have a long-lasting effect on your child’s health as he grows older.

If you're thinking about getting ergonomic furniture for your home office, why not upgrade the design of your kid’s desk area as well? Here are some tips for finding a durable study table and chairs built specifically for kids to increase productivity while also feeling comfortable!

A Guide to Shopping for the Right Kids’ Table and Chair

1. Consider the size of your child

The key to finding the right table and chair is to take into account those that match your child's height, for starters. While considering the height of the table and chair, make sure it’s appropriate for your child’s age. You can check out desk and chair sets, like with our Ergo Junior’s Desk and Chair products here at Ergoworks - designed for 4 years old onwards. Size-wise, you can then have peace of mind that both table and chair are suitable and child-friendly.

On the other hand, if you’re wanting to buy a new chair while sticking to your current kid’s study table, a general rule of thumb is to check if your child is able to rest his elbows comfortably on the desk while seated down. His legs should also be bent at a 90-degree angle with feet flat on the floor. If you’re shopping at physical stores with your child, this is a good gauge to test if the chair size is the right fit. For the best of both worlds, our Duorest Junior Collection Ergonomic Chair, for instance, provides a detachable footrest adjustment with a fixed armrest design. 


2. Prioritise ergonomics

On that note, a good table and chair design should also promote a healthy sitting posture and proper spine development for your child, preventing slouching while he focuses on his homework. For the study table, take note to check if there is enough room under the table for your child to move his legs freely without knocking knees. In fact, that’s where height-adjustable study tables come in handy. Ideally, it’s a worthy investment in the long run if the height of the table and chair can be adjusted so that it will grow with your child. With our effortless height adjustment system and more ergonomic features, discover the ease of use of Ergo Junior’s Desk and Chair products in the following video:


When it comes to chairs, find a chair that is ergonomically designed to support your child's back. Chairs that come with a thick backrest and seat cushion can ensure your child’s back is well-supported. This also plays a part in minimising back pain, which can otherwise be a common problem after the long hours of studying.

Additionally, look for tables such as our Impact Ergo-Growing Study Desk and Chair Set with rounded corners to avoid injuries from sharp edges. This design also comes with a quality wrist pad to enhance the comfort of your child’s study space.

3. Opt for chairs with wheels

To make it easier to clean the room on a regular basis, you may also love the idea of a study desk and chair designed with discreet rear-wheels. Moreover, this is useful when you eventually have to shift around the furniture in your kid’s room to fit his ever-changing needs as he grows older.

4. Consider how much space there is in your home

With homes getting smaller in Singapore, there are many smart and innovative ways to make the most out of your child’s room. If you’re working with a small study room or bedroom for your kid, space-saving solutions are the best choice to keep a lookout for among the wide selection of ergonomic products. Discover spacious and functional integrated bookshelves in our Ergostars Healthy Kids Desk and Chair set, for example, to store your kid’s school supplies. Along with open compartments and generous drawer storage, ensure that the table top is also wide enough to accommodate your child’s textbooks and stationery. 

Upgrade Your Kid’s Study Area in Time for the June Holidays

With measurements of the area where you’ll most likely be placing the table at, you are now ready to shop and create an effective study space for your little one. Why not get started with Ergoworks? Offering multiple ergonomic features in our ergonomic desks and chairs, you can establish good posture for your child from young. Be sure to check out our extensive range of kids’ study tables and chairs that come in a variety of colours. To give our products a test, drop by our stores in Singapore today.

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