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Young or old, gaming has now become a favourite pastime for many. The rise of e-sports, however, has brought about with it an increased slew of adverse effects. From shoulder and back strain to tendonitis, PC gamers, like any other athletes, are exposed to the risks of several injuries. Although there is no best, one-size-fits-all solution, every gamer can take a few precautionary measures to maintain their posture and health. This is where Ergoworks' range of the best PC gaming chairs come in.

A Gamer’s Guide to Ergonomic Chairs

E-sports is all fun and games until the risks of poor gaming posture lead to issues such as early degeneration, disc displacement, and nerve impingement syndromes. According to a study, using the computer for more than 2 hours a day could increase the risk of neck and back pain. In fact, 4 in 10 gamers report musculoskeletal pain! To ensure that the muscle stiffness and soreness do not become chronic, maintain good posture in your PC gaming chairs by doing the following:

1. Sit to maintain the natural curvatures of the spine

Hunching or leaning over with the neck in a forward flexed position can have a detrimental effect on your spine. One of the best ways to nip these postural concerns in the bud is to sit in an appropriate PC gaming chair.

2. Choose chairs designed for comfort

Spinal comfort is also key. Your spine has to be in a neutral position. Adjustable with its array of configurations, our PC gaming chairs will help relax your lower back muscles and position your shoulder blades where there is minimal compression.

PC Gaming Chairs Best Fit for Your Needs

At Ergoworks, our ergonomic furniture is designed with the latest technology and endorsed by posture and medical professionals. Browse our range of holistic ergonomic products to boost productivity and establish good sitting habits. Contact us for more information or subscribe to our newsletter and get $10 off your first online purchase.

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