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Triggering the cancerous cell to kill itself

Triggering the cancerous cell to kill itself (apoptosis) is a desirable way of cancer treatment because it does not frequently activate an immune response like traditional therapies such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy. A compound from olive tree effectively kills a variety of human cancer cells by selectively inducing apoptosis exclusively in cancerous cells without harming healthy cells . This ingredient is called “oleocanthal”.

The anti-cancer activity of oleocanthal is due to its ability to penetrate to the interior of cells and to succeed in destabilizing an internal structure called the lysosome. These lysosomes are a form of “toxic dumping ground” for the cell, a compartment sealed off by a protective membrane. Lysosomes protective membrane are more fragile in cancer cells than in healthy cells By interacting with the lysosomes, oleocanthal breaks this vulnerable protective membrane and starts the inner destruction of the cell. The result is, evidently, catastrophic for the cancer cell, which rapidly dies following the rupture of the lysosomes.

Functional Food Facts

Olivecanthal Drink………………………100 mL

Suggested dosage:
Use one (1) bottle a day

Made in Japan, under GMP. Quality Assured.

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