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Ergonomic Office Assessment by Certified Ergonomists

Office Certified Ergonomists

Office Ergonomic Assessment Conducted by Our Certified Ergonomists
We will be based on Pax size with our professional charges 1 to 20 workstations (additional workstations upon request) and the Office Ergonomic Assessment will be conducted by our certified ergonomists for a day assessment at your office.
For Certified Ergonomists, each workstation approx. 30 mins and general procedure as below;
  • Brief medical information is gathered to understand if the user has any aches, pains, or conditions before starting the assessment and the pattern of presentation.
  • Understand the user's typical workday/demands and typical patterns of behavior and movement.
  • Assess the user’s current setup at their desk.
  • Use professional ergonomic and anthropometric theory to instruct on immediate adjustments to improve the desk setup as required using the equipment/furniture that is already in situ.
  • Provide education on the importance of ergonomics whether working from the office, home, or on the move, and behavior modifications as a key factor in comfort and posture.
  • Provide tips on how to achieve neutral posture in different situations.


Timeline of the Reports;
3 working days after assessment, a report emailed with our Ergonomist’s findings and recommendations as well as a ‘cheat sheet’ with desk exercises and a reference picture detailing the neutral posture sought during the evaluation.
2 weeks after the assessment, a follow-up over email is carried out two weeks after the evaluation. Users can communicate over email with our Ergonomist if there are additional questions.
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