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25 November 2016
 J Babies - Impact bag for upper primary  

Stepping into the Ergoworks Showroom at Marina Square, we were greeted by a wall of colorful ergonomic bags. Long gone were the days where ergonomic bags are ugly and aesthetically unappealing. The design of ergonomic bags in the market right now are nice and the kids usually are torn between which design to go for.... <<click to see more

Impact Ergonomic School Bags For Upper Primary Kids

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11 October 2016
J Babies - Impact bag for lower primary  

So,what are some design elements of a good school bag? We checked out Ergoworks at Marina Square (pictured above) and chose new ergonomic bags from IMPACT for the girls for their new academic year starting in 3 months’ time. Just so you know, IMPACT ergonomic bag is the ONLY ergonomic brand endorsed and recommended by both Singapore Physiotherapy Association & The Chiropractic Association (Singapore). Let me bring you through the design elements so that you know how to choose the right bag for your kids as well. There are obvious different needs for Lower Primary or Upper Primary kids, so for today’s post, let’s look at the needs of the Lower Primary kids (ie between 7 to 9 years old)... <<click to see more

Impact Ergonomic School Bags For Lower Primary Kids

The J Babies with Impact bag

07 October 2016

 Mumseword - Ergostars Study Table & Chair  

We have converted. Yes. My entire family. We are all advocates for Ergonomic tables and chairs now, and there is a difference apart from the costings of a regular piece of furniture. In fact, my husband is now researching extensively different models of ergonomic chairs for himself! <<click to see more


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30 September 2016

A Pancake Princess  

That’s how I discovered Ergoworks, and I wrote in to ask if they would have something suitable for my son’s small size. They replied very quickly, and we made a trip down to the Ergoworks showroom about two weeks ago. And so, David is now the proud new owner of an IMPACT Ergonomic School Bag! <<Click to see more

P1 Ready | School bag, check!

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21 September 2016

Mums the word  

We had a good time shopping at Ergoworks! It wasn’t intimidating, the staff was most helpful and was able to answer all our questions and even gave advice what to look out for. There was no hard-selling, and generally a very pleasant experience. And Ergoworks is the ONLY ergonomic brand medically endorsed and recommended by Singapore Physiotherapy Association & The Chiropractic Association of Singapore! How’s that for good support? <<Click to see more


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02 September 2016


But since the opportunity came, I was quite interested to find out more about the Ergoworks IMPACT backpacks, and off we went to the Marina Square outlet. I have never ever stepped into an Ergoworks store, so I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised at all the different features of the range we of bags from Ergoworks. I mean, just look at this wall in the photo above! <<Click to see more

Ergoworks IMPACT Ergonomic Backpack review

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29 August 2016

Beanie N Us  

So over the weekend, the family visited ERGOWORKS at Causeway Point to check out the ERGOSTARS workstation. The mall seems to be a popular choice for families with young children. Ergoworks is located on Level 3 along the near other children friendly shops such as Kiddy Palace, Popular bookstore, etc. <<Click to see more

Primary School Journey: Ergonomics Workstation for Better Spinal Care!

Beanie N Us

16 August 2016

 Sakura Haruka  

IMPACT ergonomic backpacks are not one size fits all.

They have different sizes, back cushion materials, spinal support & load distribution systems, strap lengths, compartmentalisation, colours etc. to suit all kids' {and parents'!} needs and wants. IMPACT is also the only ergonomic brand endorsed and certified by both Singapore Physiotherapy Association and The Chiropractic Association of Singapore.

The endorsement assures us that we are buying authentic ergonomic products. <<Click to see more 

P1 Parenting: IMPACT Ergonomic Back Support School Bags for Kids

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12 August 2016


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