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PAO Facial Fitness Massager


Introducing FACIAL FITNESS PAO, a unique training tool for the face developed through extensive research with a university and a beauty care organization in order to train the mimetic muscles against sagging, wrinkles and smile lines. Carried out its verification work, PAO exercise* helps create a youthful appearance.


*Exercise with PAO for 4 – 8 weeks continuously.


Three technologies that support PAO exercise:

1)      Resonance Movement – Exercise your muscles with swinging movement.

2)      Technical Distance – The 30mm distance increases the force applied to facial muscles.

3)      Mouth Hold – Focuses the maximum amount of force to your lips.


PAO exercise pursues the ideal balance between ergonomics and physics. The bending angle (43°), swing width (20cm) and length of the bar (54cm) as well as the leaf spring thickness were carefully considered to ensure an effective workout.


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