Ergoworks Angel Chair Seat Support - EW-BAC3

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The Angel Seat features a lower back system that supports the natural “S” curve line of your backbone, pelvis and thighs while maintaining your body at a levelled position to prevent distortion or extreme pressure on either side.

Unique Ergonomic Features
  • Posture Correction - maintaining correct sitting posture 
  • High Density Cushion - Soft cushion being touched with your lower back and pelvis to maximize comfortability while sitting for longer hour by reducing pressure on buttocks.
  • Air Circulation Design - Circulating sweat and heat smoothly with air holes to experience maximum comfort
  • Sturdy Frame - Withstanding up to 1,119kg to prevent deformation
  • Accupressure Effect - 6 accupressure protrusions around spine provides appropriate stimulation when sitting for a long time by helping to relieve fatigue in the lower back


  • Materials : BODY[PA6(polyamide)]/foam[PU(polyurethane)]/fabric[polyester]
  • Dimensions: W41.1 x D35 x H36.6 cm
  • Weight: 1.36kg
  • Maximum compressive load is 1,119kg.

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