AVIATOR EW-AV77304 Compact Portable Laptop Stand

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World's first laptop stand - Aviator Laptop Stand allows comfortable typing on your laptop, while avoiding the aches and pains associated with poor postures, carpal tunnel syndrome & musculoskeletal disorders. 


  • 3 Piece Design for Easy assemble and dismantle
  • Light weight and Portability
  • Works on regular desks, round tables, and airplane tray tables. 
  • Suitable for laptops and netbooks
  • Allow sitting in slight reclining position to transfers much of the downward pressure off your spine.
  • No Fans Needed – Uses the Stack Effect – heat rises out the open back to cool naturally.
  • Raise the screen to healthy viewing angle.
  • Made in USA

Stored size (cm): 31.75 (L) x 8.89 (W) x 1.27 (H)

Assembled size (cm): 31.75 (L) x 22.86 (W) x 8.89 (H)

Weight (gram): 227

Color: Black

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