BACKJOY Imphy Back Stretcher - IMPBS002

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Color: BLACK
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The Imphy Back Stretcher is a specially designed device that aims to enhance spinal flexibility and correct posture. By simply laying on the Imphy Back Stretcher, you can experience a sense of relaxation as the weight of your body is distributed evenly across your thoracic spinal area, allowing Imphy to work its magic. The innovative and unique contoured uneven grid system of Imphy compresses, stretches, and releases tension from the fascia, which often becomes tight, knotted, and twisted due to prolonged periods of desk work or screen time. By doing so, Imphy promotes blood circulation and helps alleviate muscle tension. In particular, the Imphy Back Stretcher is recommended for combating stooping, which can occur after prolonged hours of sitting at a desk, working on a computer, or watching television.   1-year manufacturer warranty.  

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