Contour - CSPV2 - Shuttle Pro V2 (Wired)

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Ready Stock!   For indent order, please write in   Take control of your multimedia work. Single-handedly The Shuttle family of products are the premiere multi-media editing tool. Whether you are working in video, audio, photography, graphic design or any creative setting the Shuttle can help maximize productivity and allow you to focus on what matters, creating.   Timeline Management Both Shuttle products feature a spring-loaded jog wheel and a shuttle dial. This allows both variable speed timeline scrubbing and an increment-by-increment timeline navigation, allowing you to find the perfect spot for your edit, quickly and efficiently.   Fully Customizable Settings The Shuttle’s driver comes loaded with preset shortcuts for over 100+ of the most popular software programs on the market. On top of that, every short cut for every program is fully customizable to the hotkey of your choice. To save even more time we have built in the ability to assign multiple tasks (macros) to a single button!   App Detection Our Shuttle Driver can detect which application is currently active and will automatically switch to the corresponding shortcut profile. This is a great feature for those projects that require the use of multiple apps simultaneously.   The Pro  We offer two different Shuttle products, the Pro V2 and the Xpress. Shuttle Xpress comes equipped with 5 programmable buttons while the Shuttle ProV2 comes equipped with a robust 15 programmable buttons. Both models offer the Jog/Shuttle wheel and full driver support, to ensure no matter which Shuttle you choose, you will be able to maximize your productivity.   15 programmable buttons Tech Specs  
Weight Dimensions
Prov2 – 0.75 lbs Prov2 – 7.75 x 4.3 x 1.15 in
Wheel Type Buttons
Jog Wheel | Shuttle Wheel Prov2 – 15 programmable buttons
Operating System Connection
OSX | Windows USB
Driver Plug-and-Play
Available on Support page Driver required

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