CONTOUR - RM-RED-WL - Rollermouse Red (Wireless)

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Red Dot Design Award Winner 2013 - CONTOUR RollerMouse Red (Wireless)
According to 2013 Havard University's Study, RollerMouse Red reduces muscle effort in your forearms by up to 20%, and lets you get all that work done with a completely neutral arm and hand position.
RollerMouse Red is placed above your keyboard, so you don't need to reach for the mouse. You move the cursor by rolling the bar lightly with your fingertips. Everything you need to control your computer is right in front of you. This ergonomic position eliminates repetitive movements that can cause neck, shoulder and elbow pain.
Pain-Free Productivity is here - New RollerMouse Red eliminates awkward reach, strain, and gripping associated with a traditional mouse, trackball or other computer input device. It put amazingly accurate cursor control at the touch of your fingers thanks to our uniquely designed, textured rollerbar.
Relieves pain
Reduces common mouse-related risk factors associated with repetitive stress injuries.
Prevents Injury
Encourages a healthy upper body posture while working at the computer.
Increases productivity
Easy to use. Right away. Central position eliminates wearing and wasteful movements.
Work safer, faster and more comfortably with RollerMouse Red. Make the switch to this modern mouse now!
2 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects.

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