DUOFLEX - Q1B_W_Q SERIES ERGONOMIC CHAIR (White frame, Mesh Back and Seat Colour)

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All Colour On Indent, Estimated Delivery Lead Time Is 45 Days To 60 Days.

For indent order, please write in enquiry@ergoworks.com.sg

Key Benefits Features:

  • Breathable Double Raschel Mesh Back
  • Backrest Tilt Lock in multi positions by lever
  • Comfort Stationary Armrest
  • 50m Soft Dual Wheel Casters in Black<
  • Frame White


Ergonomic features:

  • Ergonomic Neck Support Provides comfortable support to user's neck. The angles of support pad allow closer support 
  • Ergonomic Airo Mesh Back Provides dynamic support and ventilated back support, Ensure a comfortable ergonomic sitting experience
  • Tension Resistance Knob Provides different level of tilting resistance for different user's body size and weight.
  • High Quality Gas Cylinder Provides user to adjust seat height range from 440-560mm (floor to seat)
  • Base Durable five arm star base in PP material for better stability & safety
  • PU Castors 50m soft dual wheel castors are friendly to majority of flooring.
  • Ergo Centre Tilt & Lock Mechanism Synchro 2:1 ratio setting on back and seat movement provides larger angle to relieve the back and sitting stress effectively. Lock at upright for better consideration, free the chair to alleviate better blood flow or lock at angle to rest



  • Headrest Frame.: PA6
  • Backrest Frame.: PIPE
  • Cushion Seats.: Polyurethane fill
  • Seat Pan Frame.: PP
  • Armrest.: PA6
  • Base Materials.: PA6
  • Casters Materials.: PA6 & PU


Warranty Coverage

  • Fabric 1 Year
  • Mechanism 2 Years
  • Structure 3 Years 



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