DUOFLEX QU-400C_B Q Series Ergonomic Chair (Black frame, Mesh)

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For On Indent color chair, the Estimated Delivery Lead Time Is 60 Days To 90 Days.

For indent order, please write in enquiry@ergoworks.com.sg


The essence of a chair is the “Natural Movement” DUOREST’s Ergonomic Technology combined with DONATI’s Mechanism, Everyone can have, but Different to all, Q5


  • Adjustable headrest by supporting the neck in order to help maintaining a good posture, enables to reduce the fatigue after long hours of sitting.
  • Seat depth adjustment, which is essential for users above average height, provides comfort during long sitting.
  • Adjustable arm rest can naturally connect the arm-line from the elbow to the shoulder making the user feel comfortable.
  • By frimly supporting the lumbar of the user,reduces the weight and pressure to the back due to long time sitting.
  • Italy DONATI's self tilting tension mechanism automatically adjust the angle of the seat and back based on the user's weight, providing the optimized tilting tension and comfort.


Dimension: (L)36cm X (W)68cm X (H)68cm

Net Weight: 16kg (35.3 lbs)

Headrest Frame: PA6

Backrest Frame: PA6

Lumbar Support: PU

Cushion Seats: Polyurethane fill

Seat Pan Frame: PP

Adj. Armrest: PA6

Base Materials: PA6

Casters Materials: PA6 and PU



  • Fabric 1 Year
  • Mechanism 2 Years
  • Structure 3 Years




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