DUOREST D250_W-DT DUOTEX Collection Ergonomic Chair

CHAIR COLOR: Bamboo Blue (D250_W-DT-6BBE1)
Sale price$1,099.00

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All Colour On Indent, Estimated Delivery Lead Time Is 45 Days To 60 Days. For indent order, please write in enquiry@ergoworks.com.sg The World's First premium natural Latex foam for ergonomic seating cushion DUOTEX:
  • Environmental Friendly & Sustainability - Natural Latex contains 95% of natural rubber, and it is biodegradable.EnviroN
  • Outstanding Antibiosis - Natural Latex restrains the propagation of germs, which offers fresh and pleasant environments for people or children with weak immune systems.
  • Air-Permeability - Cool in the summer, Warm in the winter.Natural Latex discourages the build-up of moisture and heat in the cushion material.
  • Decrease Body Weight Effect - By spreading body pressure to the user's thigh and bottom, the overall pressure is decreased compare to the sponge foam, also reducing the fatigue of prolong sitting.
  • High Tension Natural Latex - It is customised to fit and support with the optimized tension, lessening the user's fatigue with the best support possible.
Ergonomic features:
  • Headrest adjustment in curved path (height/angle)
  • SMART BACK SYSTEM - Easy one knob adjustment for backrest height & width
  • Armrest adjustment in curved path (height)
  • ITALY DONATI self-tilting tension mechanism
  • Engineered with DUOTEX technology
  • Detachable seat pan
  • Seat depth adjustment
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Upholstered with Bamboo Fabric
  • White frame
Warranty Coverage
  • Fabric 1 Year
  • Mechanism 2 Years
  • Structure 3 Years

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