DuraStripe Sign - PLEASE KEEP SAFE DISTANCE Graphic Option R 1M (ø 15 cm)

Sale price$8.90

Pay Later Installment Plan


INDENT: Estimated delivery lead 1 to 2 weeks

2 Years Limited Warranty. Made in Europe.

Sign diameter: 15cm 

The minimum order quantity is 30pcs.

Products to help enforce social distance intervals and line management?

Floor signs will help you to clearly identify that appropriate distance is being maintained in lines at all times.

Each of these social distancing tools are made from resilient material that will withstand heavy foot traffic,

Vehicle traffic, and elements such as spilled water or chemicals. With their low profile, they won’t present a tripping hazard.

Our Peel & Stick floor and wall Social Distancing Signs are easy to install.

EXTREMELY DURABLE: Our OSHA safety products are made for indoor usage and can be installed in areas that will be wiped down frequently.

PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS: These signs help protect your business from legal issues and lawsuits while protecting your staff and customers by providing a safe OSHA or ANSI compliant work environment.

VIBRANT & VISIBLE: Efficient Visual Reminders. Our vibrant signs won’t fade from UV light. Products can be installed on smooth surfaces: floors, walls, doors, mirrors and so on

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