ELECOM - DGB-P01BK - GRAPH GEAR NEO Professional Camera Backpack

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ELECOM - DGB-P01BK - GRAPH GEAR NEO Professional Camera Backpack provides 3 main features: full functional storage, snapshooting and feather-light weight.




Side access pocket       Shoulder strap pocket
Side Access Pocket   Shoulder Strap Pocket

There is side access pocket which can pick up camera lens from right and left either with carrying backpack on the back.



Fastener type shoulder strap pocket is convenient for storing SD cards and such.

The hips belt pocket   Back part side pocket
Hip Belt Pocket   Back Part Side Pocket
Lens cap and such can be stored conveniently in fastener type hip belt pocket located at left and right side of the backpack.   Fastener type back region side pocket is good storage space for commuter pass or smartphone in right and left each of back part.



Top Space       Main Space
Top Space   Main Space
We place tops pace that petty person can store in the bag upper part. We can classify accessories in fastener Mesh pocket finely.   There are partition preventing interference between machine parts and fall prevention board in main space. As we greatly open and close the main space front, we can deposit and withdraw easily.
Notebook PC storage space   Tripod buckles
Notebook PC Storage Space   Tripod Is Fixable
We locate notebook PC storage space that can hold PC to 15.6 inches in the back independently. Furthermore, in space, there is A4 Dimensions pocket which we distribute documents and can store.   It catches in bag Front with belt with two buckles and locates pocket and can fix tripod well. ※We receive, and pocket is packable in the Front lower part.
Side pockets    
Side Pocket    
Both sides of back have pocket which is convenient for storing of drink and folding umbrella.    



Holding steel wheel       Road lift strips
Holdings Steering Wheel   Road Lift Strap
Holdings steering wheel of the upper bag adopts thick steering wheel with cushion which we can grasp well.   We equip with road lift strap which can raise position to carry on the back of bag by squeezing strap of Shoulder strap. We fit body more and load is broken up and reduces fatigue.
Extreme Thick Back Cushion   Chest-Hips Belt
Extremely-thick Back Cushion   Chest/Hips Belt
We adopt extremely-thick cushion along back on the back and reduce burden and sweat heat to be applied to back.   We close chest/hips belt in the chest/hips and break up load by letting you fit body well and are reducible.



DGB-P01BK_37       DGB-P01BK_32
Full-scale water-repellent/still water fastener   Raincover attachment

We give the whole surface cloth Water repellent. We adopt still water fastener preventing water getting wet from cloth for fastener part. 

  We store raincover in base part and by covering up in bag, protect machine parts from sudden rain.

※We do not completely prevent invasion of water to the inside.

DGB-P01BK_38   DGB-P01BK_39
Carry fixed possibility   With foot parts
We locate carry belt which we can fix to carry bar on the back.   We adopt foot parts to protect from dirt and wear of base.
DGB-P01BK_40   DGB-P01BK_40
Key hook-adaptive fastener   We adopt cloth for camouflage pattern
In two tops pace and notebook PC storage space, we adopt fastener metal fittings of ring bridge and can submit padlocks to prevention of theft.   We adopt cloth for camouflage pattern to accentuate for interior.
※Padlock is not attached.    



The outside size  350mm in width X 230mm in depth X 500mm in height ※Excluding steering wheel shoulder strap part.
Reference Storage Dimension

 The bag body Internal Dimensions: 290mm in width X 165mm in depth X 465mm in height, 

 department in camera storing size: 290mm in width X 165mm in depth X 310mm in height,

 department in PC storing size: 300mm in width X 30mm in depth X 450mm in height,

 department in upper part storing size: 280mm in width X 165mm in depth X 140mm in height.

The number of pockets

 The upper part storage space (the inside: Mesh pocket X 3), camera storage space (the inside: Mesh pocket X 4),

 PC storage space X 1, Front pocket X 1, the side pocket X 2, the back pocket X 2, base pocket X 1, the hips belt part pocket X 1, shoulder part pocket X 1

Color  Black
Materials  front surface: 600 polyester (Water repellent), canvas (the surface PU coating, Water repellent)/back side: 210 polyester
Weight  About 2,300 g
Accessories  Parting strip X 13, fall prevention board X 7, raincover X 1


Specifications may change without a notice, thank you for your understanding.

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