ELECOM - EF-PFM125W - Privacy Screen Protector (Magnetic type, 12.5 inches wide)

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ELECOM EF-PFM125W privacy screen protector prevents unauthorized viewing of your laptop screen.


  • Prevents unauthorized viewing to your laptop within the circumference.
  • The privacy screen protector can be easily attached and detached from your laptop with the magnetic strips given.
  • Screen is seen in black from angle outside than 60 degrees (right and left about 30 degrees).
  • Cut blue light by 42%.
  • Both sides are usable.
  • 70% of transmissivity.
  • Serves as screen guard as its surface hardness is 2H which is very high.
  • Cut 99.9% UV rays from the screen.
  • Support touch panel.


Correspondence inch 12.5W inch (16:9)
Filter thickness Filter part: 0.37mm
Blue light cut rate About 42%
Ultraviolet rays cut rate 99.9%
Visible ray transmissivity 70%
Reflectance ratio 6%
The surface hardness 2H
Static-free function X
Dimensions: fuku 285 X 162mm in height (upper black partial 174mm in height to include) ※We design in large Dimensions which can cover LCD screen ※Liquid crystalline upper bezel part is necessary 10mm or more ※12.5 inches (16:9) of 277.5mm *155.5mm correspondence product
Others Thickness about 2.1mm when we stuck upper black partial (entering iron plate) thickness about 1mm, magnet Sticker 1.1mm/
Materials: Filter: PET/magnet: Neodymium
Attachment means Possess by magnet magnetic force
Accessories: Magnet Sticker X 2

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