Elecom Off Toco 3 Way 15.6inch Laptop Backpack - BM-OF02

Color: Grey
Sale price$159.00

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  • Tricot cloth pocket for 13.3inch PC storage without damage.
  • 3WAY "off toco" high-grade PC backpack for backpack, messenger, or handbag use.
  • Shoulder strap can be stored in back pocket for A4 documents.
  • Buckle putting on and taking off-type Shoulder strap for easy switching.
  • Card pocket on both Shoulder straps.
  • Two air chamber penetration structure for adjustable space.
  • Upper part storage with accessory space and key hook.
  • Anti-theft hook for upper part storage.
  • Back PC storage for up to 15.6inch.
  • Water-repellent storage for wet items and shoe storage on left and right side surfaces.
  • Steering wheel-type double fastener for easy access.
  • Raincover for sudden rain protection.
  • Carry bar plug for attachment to back carry bar.
  • High durability haiparongomu base material.
  • Ring bridge fastener metal fittings for padlock theft prevention.
  • Bright interior color for easy visibility.


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