ERGOWORKS - EWZG6000-HWIY - Zero Gravity Massage Recliner (Ivory Genuine Leather with Honey Wood Frame)

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Zero Gravity Massage Recliner (Ivory Genuine Leather with Honey Wood Frame)

ERGOWORKS Zero Gravity Recliner is a truly Zero Gravity chair. It reclines you into a ZeroG position, the position that NASA discovered is ideal for launching astronauts. It's the natural S curve your body adopts when weightless where your feet and legs are above your heart with your spine horizontal with no stress on the vertebrae. This is an ideal massage position. Your blood moves backward towards your core and your heart rate goes down.


  • Air Massage Mode - 8 large airbags independently inflate and deflate in predetermined sequences
  • Soothing Heat - to penetrate those sore muscles and for a more relaxing massage
  • One-Touch Zero Gravity Button - bring you to Zero Gravity position with a single touch
  • Total Comfort - Memory foam in cushion, pillow and lumbar support
  • Quality Upholstery - Top grade genuine leather with 100% solid Birchwood
  • Back Stretch
  • Power Nap Function
  • SMART Wake Up Function
  • Adjustable headrest and memory foam pillow add support and comfort
  • Deeper and relaxed breathing through extending lung capacity
  • Relaxes the spine by decompressing the vertebrae
  • Relieves muscle tension and fatigue
  • Improves blood circulation by elevating legs above your heart

2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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