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Geltron pillow enable reduce the burden of the fictional force to the hair, absorb the shearing force and increase the blood circulation, therefore it can reduce the hair drop rate while sleeping.

Dimensions (cm): 60 width x 33 length x (thickness: center part 5.5 to 7.5, right and left part 5.5 to 9.5 cm)

Weight: 3.15kg

Geltron Introduction :

Geltron is a Japanese products which reinvented by Mr Keisuke Tanaka, CEO of Pacific Wave Corporation, established at November 4, 1994. It is patented design in a two-layer integrated three-dimensional latticed gummy gel (Gel tron) blocks and Flame Retardant Patented as well at 2016. It is a customized mattress which custom-made by different firmness according to sleeper BMI with 3 body section *Head, Body and Foot.

It is a cutting-edge product which outstanding in breathable, air ventilation, dispersing pressure and enable to cut off the shearing force.

It is unique in the mattress market which enable customized Queen and King Mattress into two individual BMI side by side with three different firmness for a lovely couple.


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