MARTOR - 920MAE12070002 - SECUNORM PROFI25 MDP NO. 120700, TRAPEZOID BLADE NO. 199 Safety Knife

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Our SECUNORM PROFI25 MDP is aptly named. "PROFI" because this cutter really does behave professionally. Whatever the situation, whatever the cutting material. The "25" is in reference to its impressive blade extension of 25 mm, with which even 3-ply cardboard can be cut. And finally, the "MDP" tag means that all plastic parts of this cutter can be detected by a metal detector.

• Automatic blade retraction

• One blade, 4 cutting corners

• Ergonomic handle

• Versatile and compact

• Suitable for both right- and left-handers

• Easy and tool-less blade change

• Ideal for cutting cardboard up to 2-ply, foil and other packaging materials

• Cutting depth: 21mm

• Optional blades available

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