MARTOR - 920MAE346908 - SECUMAX PLASTICUT NO. 3469 Safety Knife

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The SECUMAX PLASTICUT is different from the other products in our range but only in the detail. But you know: that's what often matters most. This flexible disposable cutter is best used for thin film and paper. Due to its width of just 3 mm, cutting protective film stretched over a thin gulley as between door and pillar on a new car is also possible. The blade is made of stainless steel, the cutting edge is TiN coated. And: the SECUMAX PLASTICUT is perforated - in case you want to add additional fittings later on.

• Concealed blade

• Stainless steel blade with tin-coated cutting edge

• Pointed nose for piercing

• No blade change

• Ideal for cutting wrapping, foil, envelopes, etc.

• Cutting depth: 4mm

• Safety finger catch and handle attachment can be ordered separately

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