MARTOR - 920MAE5533700 - SECUMAX RUCK-ZUCK SOS NO. 55337, INDUSTRIAL BLADE NO. 37040 Safety Knife

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The SECUMAX RUCK-ZUCK is not only a reliable helper in the workplace; it can be useful in many different situations. For example, it can be used to provide first aid in the event of a car accident. It'll cut swiftly through seat-belts, allowing you to free trapped victims. It'll cut open clothing, allowing you to quickly deal with injuries. To be prepared, make sure this cutting tool, in its accompanying case, is always at your side. And in your car.

• Concealed blade

• One blade, 4 cutting corners

• Blade change with the screwdriver

• Provide first aid in the event of a car accident - cut swiftly through seat-belts

• Cutting depth: 3.3mm

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