MARTOR - 920MAE6717901 - ARGENTAX JUMBO NO. 67179, STYROPOR BLADE NO. 79 Safety Knife

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The name "ARGENTAX JUMBO" arouses certain associations and there is no doubt that they fit this cutter. Its strong appearance goes hand in hand with a distinguished cutting performance. With its 0.50 mm strong and 18 mm wide polystyrene blade, you are very well equipped for all the usual cutting jobs. You can fix the blade extension as you wish using the locking screw between 4 and 80 mm.

• Extremely robust cutting tool made of die-cast aluminium

• Easy blade change without tool

• Flexible blade extension with locking screw

• Ergonomic handle with grooves at the front for better grip

• Cutting depth: 69mm

• Optional blades available

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