RING PEN ULTRA RPEN Ergonomic Writing Instrument Holder

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The Ring Pen Ultra from ErgoVerse restores writing comfort for those suffering from conditions such as arthritis which make it difficult to maintain a grip on a pen or pencil. The Ring Pen Ultra slides onto the index finger and, with the thumb and middle finger acting as stabilizing guides, provides full control for even fine movements.


  • Provides "Grip-Free" Control: The unique design of the Ring Pen Ultra means that it does not require a grip. The Ring Pen Ultra is held in place by the passive pressure which the adjoining finger and thumb natural exert, requiring virtually zero effort. Because the Ring Pen Ultra is positioned "over" the finger the pen remains in place even when the hand is permitted to fully relax and open.
  • Works with most Pens and Pencils: The sleeve which holds the pen or pencil barrel can expand to fit most diameters of device so users are able to choose their favourite pens.
  • Semi-Ambidextrous Design: Although designed for use by right-handed users, it is also possible for left-handed users to use the Ring Pen Ultra. For left handed users the pen or utensil is positioned between the middle and index fingers. This position offers a lesser degree of control than right-handed users will experience but still greatly reduces the need to grip the writing instrument or utensil.
  • Accommodates Virtually All Hand Sizes: With 3 sizes available users are able to select the model which best fits their hand size. The Small is best suited for children or those with very small hands, the Medium will accommodate most women with average sized hands, and the Large will fit all except those with very large hands or very swollen joints.
  • Multi-Purpose: The design of the Ring Pen Ultra means that not only does it serve well as a pen, pencil, or paintbrush holder, it can also be used to restore freedom and dignity to those who have difficulty holding eating utensils. The clean design of the Ring Pen Ultra offers a means of using both forks and spoons without the visual distraction and hygienic concerns of large foam tube handles that are often used to provide utensil control.
  • Fully Washable: The all-plastic design means that the Ring Pen Ultra can be easily cleaned.


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