[SALE] XPURE - XP10-002 - Anti-PM2.5 Magical Scarf (Lime String)

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XPURE Anti-PM2.5 Magical Scarf is the most suitable personal protection gear against airborne threats to protect you health. It is proven to be as effective as a disposable face mask or better.

Protects yourself from pollutants, bacteria and viruses when you are in crowded places like on MRT, hawker centre, shopping centre etc.. It is a better solution for cyclists, riders, delivery personnel or anyone outdoor and on consistent movement. 

Excellent features:

  • Premium quality.
  • 100% handcrafted in Taiwan.
  • Ultimate UV protection with UPF 50+ (Blocked 98% UV)
  • Overall protection - covered most parts of the face.
  • Excellent hygiene and perspiration control under Singapore humid weather - CoolMax Active
  • Antibacterial with Ag Ion.
  • Quick dry with 3M Scotchgard.
  • XPURE Inside Nano protector - profiled fiber, water-proof layers, nanofiber membrane to prevent traffic gas, allergen, bacteria, viruses & pollutants.
  • Washable for 200 times and above.
  • Convenient ear loop - high elasticity for secure and perfect fit for any user. Ultra soft material for ultimate ear comfort while wearing it.
  • Color: Lime String

Corporate advantages:

  • Customised identity with corporate logo & colours (with minimum order quantity)
  • Boost corporate image and free advertisement on the move. (with customised logo & colours)
  • Reduce absenteeism due to sick leaves & medical claims.
  • Increases company profit due to less medical claims and insurance.
  • Boosts work efficiency with less mc.
  • Multiple & creative use with more than 9 ways to wear!
  • Boosts corporate social media & garner active engagement.
  • Sustainability & earth-friendly as it is reusable. No more polluted trash of disposable mask, cleaner and environmentally friendly.
  • HUGE cost saving as compared to disposable mask. Approximately 70% saving!

Due to hygiene purposes, all masks are non-exchangeable and non-returnable.

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