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Style Butterfly (Green)


The Style Butterfly offers comprehensive posture support with a compact and lightweight design,providing you with posture anywhere you desire, whether it ne your home,office,or when out and about.


  • By tilting the angle of the seat base slightly forward, the user can maintain the body's forward-tilting center of balance. This leads to the iedal posture with upright pelivis.
  • The curves that fit firmly with the body avoid putting pressure on the muscles and prevent any sideways or backward tilting disparities of the pelvis.
  • Firmly supports both sides of the ilium to maintain a firm on the pelvis.
  • The unique features of the Chiropactic System, stabilizing the pelvis and supporting correct posture, help devlop proper posture by simply sitting down.
  • By maintaining the correct posture,you can disperse areas of pressure and reduce the weight on your lower back.

Dimension: 38cm(W)x 36cm(D)x 20cm(H)
Weight: 650g
Maximum Load: 120kg
Materials:    Structure material: Polypropylene
                     Cushioning medium: Urethane foam
                     Covering: Polyester 100%
                     Base elastic: Elastomer


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