Benefits of Ergonomic Chairs with Lumbar Support and Backrest Cushions

Benefits of Ergonomic Chairs with Lumbar Support and Backrest Cushions

In a post-Covid world, many of us have found ourselves either working from home or in a drastically different environment. But one factor that never changes is the importance of ergonomics. Whether you are back in the office or have adapted to a new working-from-home setup, ergonomic furnishings are a must in order to enhance your productivity, keep you comfortable and help you to establish the optimum working environment. You should never have to compromise your comfort and your physical health for the sake of work - and thanks to ergonomics, you don't have to.

Benefits of Ergonomic Chairs

We’ve previously covered the key ergonomic accessories to include in your home office upgrade and when it comes to office chairs, it’s best to choose those which offer lumbar support adjustment. When we are working, it is very easy to lapse into a slouched posture. Ergonomic chairs are designed to provide support for the spine, which can help reduce back pain. Lumbar supports are one of the features that these chairs typically offer. If you sit in a chair with lumbar support on a regular basis, it can enable better support for the natural curvature of the lower back.

Similarly, a backrest cushion is another must-have component for relieving the pressure that can build up in the muscles around the spine, and therefore mitigate against potential pain and discomfort. If you want to best utilise your existing chair instead, a cushioned backrest support is a highly recommended measure to enhance the ergonomic nature of your work-from-home environment.

3 Key Considerations When Buying Ergonomic Chairs

Designed to minimise the discomfort of remaining seated at your desk for prolonged periods, there are different types of ergonomics chairs worth considering. So what are the best things to look for when you are on the hunt for an ergonomic chair?

Firstly, it needs to be adjustable. That means you should be able to alter the seat height, arm rest and position of the backrest, which will enable you to ensure your feet remain flat on the floor, and will also allow you to tilt the chair backwards or forwards as required. Frequently, back problems and other issues resulting from an ergonomically unsound work environment stem from the fact that we try to adjust the shape of our bodies to fit the furniture. Really, it should be the other way around: the furniture needs to fit us.

Secondly, your new chair needs to both roll and swivel for maximum freedom of movement. This will prevent you from having to exert unnecessary energy and potentially strain yourself while stretching to reach objects on your desk.

Thirdly, it needs to offer the right amount of width and depth. For instance, a chair that is too low could cause unnecessary strain to your leg muscles. This can lead to cramps and other common body aches. That's why it's recommended that you try a few chairs apart from buying online. For some of the best ergonomic designs, check out our Ergoworks Duorest 2.0 to get started.

Find the Right Office Chair for Your WFH Needs

Ergonomic chairs with lumbar support are a great investment for anyone who spends long hours sitting in one place. These chairs provide comfort and relief from sore backs, stiff necks and tired legs. They also help to prevent the back problems that typically come with prolonged sitting by aligning your spine, distributing weight evenly throughout your body, and maintaining proper posture while you work or relax.

If you spend at least 8 hours per day working on your laptop - which is not uncommon -, then purchasing an ergonomic chair can go a long way towards improving your quality of life. At Ergoworks, we have a wide selection of ergonomic office chairs, backrest cushions and more accessories to choose from. Drop by our stores in Singapore to find the right fit for your work needs today.

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