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Office Electric Height Adjustable Desk





Programmable Control Panel

Encourages a healthy sit-stand balance work-style that reduces health issues caused by a sedentary lifestyle. 
By alternating between sitting and standing postures regularly will reduce fatigue, increases concentration, and blood circulation. Ensure you’re standing with an anti-fatigue mat




Smooth Height Adjustment
Our electric height-adjustable desk frame ensures a smooth and comfortable height adjustment experience for users to adjust the ideal desk height whether sitting or standing, with a comprehensive range of products from Rectangular, Compact, L-Shaped, Dual Bench to Tiltable Angle Desk now available online.


Programmable Control Panel

Best of all, simply press the up or down button on the control panel located at the bottom edge of the work desk to raise or lower the height of the work surface.


The control panel has a display for height read-out and 4 Memory and up / down manual adjusting function to store favorite positions. 




2.0 - Anti-collision function 
The lifting column is equipped with a 2.0 anti-collision technologyhalt and reverse the tabletop for any detected with an object or obstruction underneath, it instantly stops and reverses to avoid damage. 

NOT DESIGNED FOR CHILDREN. This product is not intended for children to use and is not child-friendly. Please take extra precautions if you have children around to ensure there are no children below the table and electrical components are handled by adults only.
Fast Lifting speed: 50mm/s
The table can be Height Adjustment Range from the sitting position (600mm) to the standing position (1250mm) in merely 13 seconds.

Dual motors + Three Segment Advanced System
Designed with a dual-motor mechanism that can support Max. load weight up to 130kg (even distribution) on the tabletop
Super Quiet

Super Quiet Dual and Triple Motors
New Generation EW-0223F1EW-0226F1EW-0336F1EW-ET223H, and IPET-100 the Electric Height Adjustable Desk comes with a Super Quiet Motors Height Adjustment System which provides smooth and quiet elevation of the desk.


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