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Holistic Ergonomic, Posture Care & Wellness Solution

Ergoworks is improving the quality of work life. With ergonomically designed products, we offer better solutions that will improve the physical wellness of individuals from work or at home. Because many illnesses and injuries derive from poor body posture, Ergoworks desires to transform your environment to produce safe and efficient spaces; either your workspace or living quarter.

Our products are designed to adjust to your working position and provide relief against physical strains to minimise unfavorable conditions.

We also cover massage recliners and footrest for holistic stress-free treatment and refreshing experience. We engineer comfort through science to adjust the environment for all your day-to-day activities.

Ergo Office
Ergo Office
Buy Office Desk in Singapore Whether you’re working at home or in the office, high chances are you are spending a lot of time at your desk with little to no movement for hours. And for many in Singapore, that can contribute to some of the most common work-related injuries like back pain and stiff neck. As a result, the persistent ache of such ailments may affect your overall work productivity in the long haul. Want to make it a habit to stan...
Ergo Sleep
Ergo Sleep
Buy Anti Snore Pillow in Singapore Is your bed partner, who’s an incredibly light sleeper, getting less than a good night’s sleep because you’re snoring so loud that one can hear it two rooms away? Is obstructive sleep with frequent nighttime awakenings an everyday occurrence for you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!   From gentle snuffles to loud grunt and snorts, snoring isn’t an uncommon phenomenon in Singapore. In fact, an...
Ergo Junior
Ergo Junior
Ergo Junior has your kid’s back! Ergo Junior offers the best convenient comfort practise for your kids through products that help promote good posture. We also provide a diverse range bag accessories to accompany your kids daily outdoor endeavors. Ergo Junior makes life easier for your kids!...
Ergo Health
Ergo Health
Ergoworks Ergo Health products are designed to offer high quality healing treatment against stress and physical discomforts. We also have BioAire that relieving your body and mind using aromatic essential oils. Our product include natural ingredients that fights tension, emotional stress and insects....
Ergo Active
Ergo Active
Ergo Active products deliver a maximum value for your every ergonomic need. Every Ergoworks product focuses on enhancing the quality of your active lifestylele through comfort and correct posture. Tailoring for every aspect of work and lieasure activities, for both home and workplace use. ...
Ergo Comfort
Ergo Comfort
Ergo comfort products are designed to provide maximum comfort and convince. Ergoworks ergonomic comfort products were designed and made to provide posture-friendly comfort without causing harm or strains in your body. Light and safe, all our products are ensured to meet and exceed your daily comfort needs....
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6 Raffles Boulevard #03-140/141 Marina Square (One level above McDonald's)
Opens Daily: 11:30am - 9.00 pm
Showroom Tel: 6837 3370
Temporary Closed for New Expansion Plan
(Temporary Closed for new expansion plan) 176 Orchard Road Centrepoint
Opens Daily:
Showroom Tel: 8202 8826
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