Ergoworks - EW-SCLS - Perfect Fit Lumbar Support

Color: Pewter Gray
Sale price$39.90

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Providing the support you need for good posture!

The Ergoworks Perfect Fit Lumbar Support is versatile, serving as a standalone solution or an excellent companion to your Lifestyle. This innovative product, the latest from Ergoworks, adapts to your lower back, promoting a healthy sitting posture throughout the day. Whether you're on extended drives, spending prolonged hours at your desk, or recovering from spinal injury and surgery, it's an ideal choice.

Crafted with a special design that seamlessly conforms to the natural S curvature of the lower back and COOLPASS FABRIC SILVER TECHNOLOGY enhances airflow, this product ensures comfort. Its dual curves flex inward, facilitating comfortable movement, while adjustable straps provide flexibility for individuals of all body lengths.



  • Ergonomic Product Design
  • COOLPASS FABRIC SILVER TECHNOLOGY - antibacteria, anti-odor, stay fresh, wash less
  • Slow Rebound And Firm Inner
  • AccesEasy™ Cover for comfort wash
  • Package Content: 1pc x Ergoworks - EW-SCLS - Perfect Fit Lumbar Support
  • Dimension: 36cm x 13cm x 18cm
  • Weight: 440g

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