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Are you moving into a new office? Expanding your current office? Time to change your old office furniture?


Instead of purchase, you may opt for leasing quality ergonomic furniture with us! It is a great way to furnish the office space with healthy, active workstations without making the financial commitment of purchasing the entire office’s worth of furniture.


Leasing could give you access to higher-quality furniture you couldn’t otherwise afford to buy. Leasing even allows you to pay more attention to ergonomics to a degree that might not be possible when buying on a limited budget.


You will enjoy following advantages of leasing high quality ergonomic furniture from ERGOWORKS:

  • Save more money – Conserve capital for more important ventures.
  • Customisable to your short term or long-term needs.
  • Tax deductible – As instalments are included under operating expenses.
  • Maximize productivity – Maximize real estate investment for greatest productivity per square foot.
  • Attract clients and top talents – Impress customers, attract new talents and keep existing employees healthy & happy. 
  • Being earth-friendly – quality products last longer, reduces disposal.


Discuss with us today! Email at biz@ergoworks.com.sg.

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