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For the longest time ever, the weight of school bags has been a bugbear among parents. Today, most children in Singapore seem to be carrying school bags that are packed to the brim - as if they’re lugging the weight of the world on their shoulders. Little ones trudging with their trunks bent forward to compensate for the heavy loads are common sights on the streets. This is certainly less than ideal.

As the incidence of backpack-related pain and injury continues to rise in Singapore, parents need to realise the deleterious effects an overweight school bag can pose for their children. Studies have shown that heavy backpacks can increase postural sway even in fit adults - not to mention, children. At a young age, our children's spine is still malleable. Beyond short-term pain and injuries on the back, neck and shoulders, lifelong posture distortion can result from an unhealthy school bag.

The holistic solution? Invest in an ergonomic school bag!

Why Ergonomic School Bag?

Designed to distribute weight across the back, shoulder and neck, along with a good back care system, ergonomic school bags ensure sturdy support for the child’s spine and shoulders. Unlike conventional backpacks, ergonomic backpacks encourage healthy posture. Most bags also come with specialised compartments, allowing for books to be kept upright, thus stabilising the bag’s overall gravity.

Believe it or not - investing in the best ergonomic school bag can make a significant difference in your child’s life. After all, a happy child starts from a healthy back!

Choose the Lightest Ergonomic School Bag on Ergoworks

Among the many school bag shops in Singapore, Ergoworks certainly stands out in terms of quality and variety. From school bags with a detachable trolley to ones that come in all shapes, colours and designs, you can rest easy knowing that our products are internationally endorsed brands.

Ready to take the weight off your kid’s shoulder? Browse our catalogue now and enjoy free delivery in Singapore with a minimum spend of $130 today.

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