How to Shop for a Good Pillow in Singapore (And Why it Matters)

How to Shop for a Good Pillow in Singapore (And Why it Matters)

Did you know that your pillow can lead to an increase in sleep problems? From neck pain and headaches, pillows often get overlooked when it comes to taking care of our health. That being said, it remains the key to a good night’s sleep, ensuring you wake up feeling well-rested for the day’s activities ahead. If you’ve been sleeping on a worn-out pillow for an extended period of time and are experiencing discomfort, it might be best to upgrade.

Yet, picking one out for yourself can be difficult if you don't know what to look for. With pillows dedicated to side sleepers, stomach sleepers as well as back sleepers right down to even anti-snore pillows, there is a wide variety of pillows available on the market in Singapore today. Use this guide as a resource when looking for your next pillow!

How Do I Choose the Right Pillow?

Know the different types of pillows

If your neck is periodically feeling sore due to the old pillows that no longer provide adequate support, consider investing in new ones with quality materials. You can find down-filled pillows that offer softness without sacrificing support. There are also contour pillows that come with a specialty shape to help align your head and neck with your spine as you sleep. For example, the ergonomic design of Tempur Symphony pillows can reduce pressure and alleviate any discomfort in these areas. These types of pillows are also best suited for side and back sleepers.

More importantly, they should be firm enough to support your head without flattening out too quickly - making your purchase worth it.

Consider your sleeping position

Do you usually sleep on your back, side or stomach? Keep in mind that your favourite sleeping position could also be a cause of your morning neck aches. It could further aggravate existing back pain conditions if you’re not careful, which may not be ideal in the long run.

For instance, sleeping on the stomach can strain not only your neck, but your back as well. As comfortable as it feels during slumber, your spine may not be aligned properly in this position. Side-sleeping, on the other hand, can result in shoulder pain as more pressure is placed on one side. Thus, while you are looking for a new pillow, this is also the best time to change up the position you sleep in. That being said, depending on how often you change position during the night, there’s no hard and fast rule to this. Ideally, be sure that your pillow can encourage good spinal alignment - regardless of the way you sleep.

Test it out

In order to make a more informed decision, it’s also best to try out the pillows in store if possible before making the purchase. You can better test its firmness, size and material and confirm that it fits your personal preferences perfectly. At Ergoworks, for example, you can explore our lineup of pillows including Tempur Symphony, Motex as well as our own unique range of ergonomic pillows. Besides browsing online, feel free to drop by our stores to take a look at our products in person.

Match it with your mattress

While choosing a pillow is an important step in finding your perfect sleep solution, it is also equally crucial that your pillow and mattress match. Consider how much space there is between your head and the bed. Your choice of pillow, combined with an ergonomic mattress, should keep your neck parallel and ensure your spine stays in alignment. Together, you can get optimal support from your bed setup and look forward to more restful nights in the coming days.

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