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Acoustic Pod

With the increasing popularity of open-concept workspaces, office phone booths have emerged as a contemporary solution to offer up privacy, while improving the aesthetics of the space. With Ergoworks’ line of office pods that are designed to solve evolving workplace needs in Singapore, we redefine your daily operations by introducing comfort and efficiency.

KOPLUS - The Kolo Acoustic Series

Inspired by the word colloquy, which means a formal conversation, the series aims to provide a level space for users to spark conversation and foster effective discussions. The Kolo Acoustic Series is a suite of privacy booths designed to offer a protected environment to talk in private, or simply focus on work. Constructed with individuals needs in mind, each booth comes with features that are aimed to improve productivity and functionality. With modern silhouettes, quality soundproofing, and a wide range of colour shcemes, the Kolo Acoustic Series will bring your imagination to life.


Top Acoustic Rating



Acoustic Solution


Made with class-leading soundproofing materials and structural detailing to mitigate noise. 






Personalised Lighting


Personalised Lighting

Comes with adjustable LED   light brightness and temperature control, with an automatic motion detector.


The LED lights are dimmable from 1,900 lumens. The colour temperature can also be controlled in the range of 2,700 to 6,500K. 



Ventilated Space



Ventilated Space



Enjoy constant natural air circulation with custom designed airflow vents.

The controlled airflow details of the ventilation fans in each Kolo office phone booth are in the table.







Built-in Charging


Experience seamless and user-friendly charging with ports placed at table level for easy access.

Comprises UL- and CE-certified charging stations that come with two AC outlets, two USB chargers and one CAT-6 port..
Input: 110-240 VAC, 10.1 A, 50-60 Hz.
Output: DC 5V, 2.1A.





One of our core principles is delivering quality and being transparent about it. We make sure that our certifications are well-earned with our persistence in product quality and manufacturing.



A commitment to a high level of quality and production methods has made KOPLUS a brand that is trustable and dependable among our clients and partners. We monitor the progress every step of the way, and have developed a keen eye for the smallest details throughout the product development and production process. From the start of research, design, material selection, production, to user experience, we are committed to staying true to our values and taking on the responsibility of looking after our users’ health and the environment.


Energy 1


ISO50001: Energy

ISO50001: Energy

ISO14001: Environment

Achieve ultimate efficiency, while continuously seeking ways to further improve and conserve.

Achieve ultimate efficiency, while continuously seeking ways to further improve and conserve.


Inspection: Self-check and auditing system

Environment: Sustainable working environment

Efficiency: Smart analysis that minimises waste


Promising a fully committed and dedicated team that brings forth quality beyond expectations.


Precision: Automated production allows us to minimise production tolerance

Service: Responsive customer service

TQM: Full analysis during development stages





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