Comfort Upgrade 2.0

Get Real Premium Ergonomic Chair that Last At Huge Discount!

Trade in any of your old office & gaming chair(Brands that start with E, S, H, T & more) in any condition and get up to $499 off our award winning Truly Perfect chair & top of the line Duorest chair price above $1299 to $1599. $800 - $1200. $199 off when you purchase $1199 and below chair.  For online purchase, use code “COMFORT499” & COMFORT199” during check out.


Quick FAQ

1. Which brand do we take in? 

We welcome all brand and yes we accept all brand that start with E, S, O, H, T, U and more.

2. Why do we do this?

We are frustrated with the state of ergonomic chair that is in the market now. We wanted you to experience what a real quality ergonomic chair can work for you..


Get Award Winning Truly Perfect Chair or see Ergonomic Office Chair Collection

Any questions, connect to our customer service for assistance!
This promotion is non stackable with other discount and subjected to changes.

*Due to overwhelming response and avoidance of doubt, we reserve the right to assess the old office chair and determine the final trade in value when you visit our Boutique.
Promotion end 31 July 2024.