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Ergonomic Virtual Webinars Seminar



Virtual Webinars Seminar Ergonomic Talk


Work From Home (WFH) online seminar with Q&A Session

Interactive 45-minute talks + 15 minutes Q&A hosted virtually


Virtual Online Seminar topic approx. 1 Hour as below




  • To understand the basics of ergonomics and the concept of ‘neutral posture’ when working from home.
  • To share tips for creating a workspace when working from home.
  • To be aware of the risks associated with computer-related work.
  • To be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of repetitive strain injuries
  • To know how to do a workstation stretching program
  • To understand the importance of movement.
  • To have strategies to maintain a work-life balance when working from home.


Plan - PowerPoint presentation shared over webinar with the following structure:


  • Introduction and self-diagnosis of repetitive strain injuries (RSI) caused by computer/phone use.
  • Introduction to ergonomics and why it is important for long-term health.
  • Breakdown of different workstation setups when working from home and tips for optimal positioning.
  • Considering our mental health and wellness with strategies for maintaining a healthy work-life balance when working from home.
  • Demonstration of desk-based stretches.
  • Q&A


Talk program breakdown (Timings)


  • 2 mins: Introduction of Ergoworks & Ergonomist
  • 5 minutes: the importance of ergonomics in the current costs
  • 15 minutes: Neutral posture and Environmental setup options when working from home
  • 15 minutes: Strategies for maintaining mental and physical wellbeing when working from home
  • 5 minutes: tips for the home office setup
  • 5 minutes: Stretch session
  • 15 minutes: Q&A session


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