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Stay Home and Stay Efficient with ERGOWORKS!

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The Prime Minister updated Singapore on the COVID-19 situation in the address on 3 April 2020. 

In response to the significantly enhanced measures, Ergoworks has been ramping up our manpower resources by working round the clock to fulfill all our delivery orders, originally scheduled for the next 3 weeks, to within 3 days from 3-5 April. 

We truly understand that our customers need comfortable and ergonomically designed furniture in order for them to work from home comfortably. We also believe that our students should pursue their home based learning in an ergonomic optimized environment. 

Stay home and stay efficient with Ergoworks!

As we battle on in this fight against COVID-19, we will continue to stay steadfast in the line of duty. Our online shop and hotline will continue to serve you. 

We thank you for your faith in Ergoworks products. We shall overcome this pandemic and emerge stronger, as one SG United. 

Please take good care, stay safe and keep healthy ahead.

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