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Acoustic Pod

The Kolo Acoustic Collection
Inspired by the word “Colloquy” – a dialogue, provides a level space that creates conversation and discussion. The range is designed to offer a protected environment to speak in private or to focus on work. Many people chase dreams in their sleep…but not you. You bring your imagination to life. Whatever dreams you may have, they are within reach and you know just how to catch it where office space meets headspace and the ideas unfold with KOPLUS Solo, Midi, Duo, healthy living is natural, simple, and easy.


Top Acoustic Rating




Top Acoustic Rating


The average amount of noise that Kolo acoustic booths block out is 39.1dB.


This acoustic performance is tested based on the ISO 717-1 standard that measures the rating of airborne and impact sound insulation in buildings.








Personalised Lighting







Personalised Lighting

Adjustable LED light brightness and temperature with automatic motion detector.


The LED lights are dimmable from 1900 lumens. 
The colour temperature can be controlled in the range of 2700 to 6500K.




Ventilated Space




Ventilated Space


Custom-designed airflow vents provide constant natural air circulation.

The controlled airflow details of the ventilation fans in each Kolo model are in the table.













Built-in Charging


User-friendly charging ports placed at table level for easy access.

UL and CE certified charging station with two AC outlets, two USB chargers and one CAT-6 port.
Input: 110-240 VAC, 10.1 A, 50-60 Hz.
Output: DC 5V, 2.1A.





One of our core principles is delivering quality and being transparent about it. We make sure that our certifications are well earned with our persistence in product quality and manufacturing.


Persistence in product quality and production has made KOPLUS a brand that can be trusted and depended upon amongst clients and partners. We monitor every step and smallest detail of the product development/production processes. From the start of research, design, material selection, production to user experience, we stay true to our values and take on the responsibility to look after the user’s health as well as our environment.


Energy 1


ISO50001: Energy

ISO50001: Energy

ISO14001: Environment

Achieve ultimate efficiency, continuously seek for ways to further improve and conserve.

Achieve ultimate efficiency, continuously seek for ways to further improve and conserve.

Inspection: Self-check and auditing system

Environment: Sustainable working environment

Efficiency: Smart analysis minimizes wastes

Fully committed and dedicated team that brings forth quality beyond expectations.

Precision: Automated production allows us to minimize production tolerance

Service: Responsive customer service

TQM: Full analysis during development stages















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