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Tempur Symphony Pillow

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Considering that we spend a third of our lives asleep, the importance of a good ergonomic pillow is something that couldn’t be stressed enough. But all too often, folks tend to underestimate the power of one. After investing hundreds and thousands of dollars on swanky bed sheets, mattresses and everything in between, pillows tend to take the backseat.

As a matter of fact, the humble pillow serves a specific role in your sleep. For one, it provides support for the intricate structures of your neck, head, shoulders, hips and spine - lowering the chances of chronic soreness, pain or even long chains of restless nights. The other obvious function is no secret. That is - comfort. But of course, comfort can be a little more subjective.

The Pillow Talk | Finding the Right Sleeping Solution

Choosing the right pillow is a significantly individualised process. Luckily, Tempur manufactures a wide array of pillows for sleepers of all preferences and sleeping styles.

For the Back Sleepers

To keep your head and neck in alignment, back sleepers may find the need for a pillow with medium loft and firmness. Uniquely shaped to follow the natural curve of your body, the Tempur Original Pillow is great for keeping your head comfortably cradled while delivering complete support all night long.

For the Side Sleepers

A pillow with a thicker profile is ideal for side sleepers as it allows the head to be elevated enough so that it’s in neutral alignment with the spine. That said, the Tempur Symphony Pillow is one that fits the bill! Made with proprietary visco-elastic cells that actively mould to the exact contours of your body, Tempur Symphony Pillow can also be versatile enough for back and certain stomach sleepers too.

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As Asia’s leading brand in holistic ergonomic, posture care and wellness solutions, we’ve scoped out the best ergonomic pillow options for your bedtime needs. Browse our catalogue today and enjoy free delivery for orders above $130.

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