TEMPUR Original Pillow

Size: S - 61 x 31 x 8/5 cm
Sale price$429.00

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TEMPUR Original Pillow

Helps align your spine when sleeping on your side or back. It conforms to your natural curvature to help neck and shoulder muscles relax fully to alleviate any discomfort.
The TEMPUR Original™ pillow provides a luxurious blend of customized support and plush comfort. Developed using NASA technology and refined for optimal sleep, our top-selling Original pillow is crafted from TEMPUR® Material. Inside, countless ultra-sensitive cells meticulously conform to the contours of your head, neck, and shoulders, offering soothing pressure relief. Designed for both back and side sleepers, its distinctive curved shape delivers tailored support precisely where you require it. Available in various sizes to cater to your individual preferences, it ensures a truly rejuvenating slumber.

Size Options

  • S - 61 x 31 x 8/5 cm (83300290)
  • M - 61 x 31 x 10/7 cm (83300286)
  • L - 61 x 31 x 11.5/8.5 cm (83300283)
  • XL - 61 x 31 x 13/10 cm (83300291)

Package Content

 1pc x TEMPUR Original Pillow

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