Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome With Better Posture

Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome With Better Posture

Carpal tunnel syndrome can lead to sleepless nights or problems at the workplace. Here are some tips to prevent or limit the risks of this treatable musculoskeletal disorder.

Office-based work which involves prolonged typing on the computer keyboard and texting of messages on mobile and android devices are some of the common causes of Carpal Tunnel syndrome. You can limit the risks of developing this common musculoskeletal disorder at the workplace with these tips:

Tips to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Take regular breaks away from your computer.
  • Let your wrists rest on the desk in a neutral position, using a comfortable pad to avoid flexing or extending your wrist for too long.
  • Keep your shoulders and back relaxed. Do not slouch.
  • Sit with your computer screen at eye level and your knees slightly lower than your hip joints.
  • Have your computer in front of you rather than at the side, where you have to crane your neck.
  • Let your feet sit flat on the floor, not tucked under your chair.


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