ELECOM - DH-HDP14E20BK - Ethernet-adaptive Premium HDMI cable (2 meter)

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  • It is an ethernet-adaptive Premium HDMI cable which we made high-speed transmission and noise immunity of 18Gbps.
  • It is Premium HDMI cable standard certification finished cable supporting 4K/Ultra HD and 3D full HD.
  • In correspondence with 4K2K(60P), we can transmit a smooth high-resolution Video.
  • We cope with HDR that can transmit Video with a three-dimensional impression utilized the light and shade difference.
  • Transmission of BT.2020 Video which covered color gamut that is wider than conventional BT.709 is possible.
  • Just one cable gives you high-speed digital transmission of video and audio signals, as well as bidirectional transmission of ethernet signal.
  • It supports HEC (HDMI Ethernet channel) realizing ethernet communication of 100Mbps.
  • We cope with ARC (Audio return channel) that can transmit digital audio from indication apparatuses such as TV to output equipment such as AV amps.
  • It is nylon mesh cable protecting the cable from load such as weighting, pulling, folding.
  • It is a triple-shield structure that puts shield for high-frequency noise to reduce noise invasion from the outside and shielding for low-frequency noise together.
  • The connector part adopts a metal shell connector which further reduces noise in shell structure to cover to the root.
  • Use coated plugs that prevent signal degradation and won't rust easily.
  • We make conformity (10 materials) in "RoHS order" (we set a limit to use of specific harmful objects for electricity, electronic equipment) of EU.


Supported devices: HDMI (Type A - 19 Pin) Side: The HDMI (type A, 19 pins) side such as LCD television, plasma television, projector having HDMI Input: AV apparatus, game console having HDMI Output
Standard: Premium HDMI Cable certification acquisition finished
Connector type: HDMI (Type A - 19 Pin) - HDMI (Type A - 19 Pin)
Cable type Standard (nylon mesh processing)
Line speed 18Gbps
Correspondence resolution 4K X 2K (60p) correspondence
Shield method Triple Shield
Plug plating Specifications The gilding
Cable length 2.0m
Cable thickness 6.5mm
Color: < Black >

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