ELECOM Eclear Warm / Cup Warmer / Heat Insulation - HCW-CUP01

Color: Greige
Sale price$59.90

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Even if you're deep into your work, the hours ticking away as you type away at your keyboard. But even as you get lost in your tasks, your drink remains warm and inviting, waiting for you to take a sip. That's where the ECLEAR Warm Cup Warmer comes in. This ingenious little device keeps your drinks toasty warm, whether they're in a mug or paper cup, simply by plugging into your AC adapter. The best part? You can use it anywhere, from your desk to your living room to your office. Say goodbye to lukewarm drinks and hello to the perfect temperature every time.

  • Just place the cup on this product
  • In various situations of daily life
  • Compatible with various cups
  • The heat conductive part has a structure that is hard to touch
  • A perfect gift package
  • Easy operation with the push of a button
  • Keep your drink warm

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