Designing an Ergonomic Office on a Budget

One of the biggest office trends that have taken the world by storm in 2022 is the incorporation of ergonomic products into the workspace. This shift in office space design perception demonstrates increased interest in setting up a comfortable yet functional space for all working adults. Whether you feel that odd twitch in your neck or constantly have to stand up mid-work to stretch the ache out of your lower back, ergonomically designed furniture pieces promise to deliver unrivalled comfort and support to reduce work-related fatigue. 

Given the widespread comprehension on the importance of having an ergonomic office, both business owners and remote workers have been looking for the key pieces to integrate into their space. And while there are a few key ergonomic accessories to add to home offices, business owners are often left in the dark when it comes to choosing the right ones for a large office space. Will the high initial investment translate to a highly productive work culture? Is it the right time to buy ergonomic office chairs for everyone in the office? These are some of the many questions raised. We cover everything from the must-have ergonomic items to include in a modern-day office space and how to plan your finances ahead when it comes to such big-ticket purchases.

Must-Have Ergonomic Items for Your Office

Think that it’s the right time to get new furniture for your office in Singapore? Given the vast array of ergonomic furniture available today, from ergonomic chairs with lumbar support to height adjustable desks, where do you start? While it is certain that bigger purchases will have to be made for bigger office spaces, there are a few key pieces that should be incorporated to boost the productivity of your staff. Consider the following: 

1. Ergonomic Height Adjustable Desks

Ever felt annoyed when the in-built desk in your office just didn’t allow you to work in a comfortable position? Introducing height adjustable desks, also known as sit-stand desks. Nipping the issues related to common sedentary behaviours seen in the workspace in the bud, height-adjustable desks bring with them many benefits. From preventing back problems and increasing performance to motivating your employees and minimising downtime, these adjustable desks can do a lot in terms of improving the working environment and increasing performance and efficiency. At Ergoworks, our height-adjustable electric office desks come with programmable control panels that allow your staff to adjust the height of the table by simply pressing a button. Changing from a standing position to a sitting position in just 13 seconds, watch your employees tackle muscle inactivity and rectify their posture with ease. If you’re looking for an alternative beyond a full-blown height adjustable desk, considering a sit-stand desk converter will be just as beneficial. Preventing poor blood circulation, reducing weight gain, and boosting energy levels, there are many reasons to get a sit-stand desk converter

2. Ergonomic Mesh Office Chairs

Getting the right office chair can have a positive impact on your health and comfort while working. And slowly gaining popularity are ergonomic mesh office chairs which can boost your productivity. Due to their design and material of construction, these office chairs provide top-notch ventilation, ridding of any trapped heat between you and the chair. Besides the greater airflow, these ergonomic office chairs are easy to clean and extremely durable. But of course, the main purpose of these chairs is to offer good levels of support. With an ergonomic shape that is designed to fit the natural curves of the spine, you can rest assured that the lumbar support that you get with these ergonomic chairs will encourage healthy posture and prevent back pain. 

3. Other Ergonomic Office Desk Accessories

Ergonomic mesh office chairs and sit-stand desks aside, there are other office desk accessories to consider when designing an ergonomic office. Be it an adjustable laptop stand, anti-fatigue mat, backrest cushions, and the like, there is an extensive selection of ergonomic add-ons that you can consider to elevate the comfort levels in the workspace. 

Planning Your Finances Ahead

When designing an ergonomic office at a full-blown scale, the budget will surely be a concern amongst business owners. And when it comes to sticking to a certain budget, the first thing that must be done is to set one. But once you’ve done that, does it mean that you’ll have to spend every penny from the money set aside? You don’t! To facilitate your buying journey and relieve any financial strains associated with purchasing high-ticket items, consider doing the following:

1. Tap into Bundle Package Sales

Let’s face it, everyone loves a good deal. And no one understands this better than Ergoworks. With our bundle package sales, get a combination of several ergonomic furniture pieces like a sit-stand desk and ergonomic chairs at discounted prices. But do note that if you want in on such deals, you’ll always have to keep your eyes peeled for any drop in prices. 

2. Leverage Buy Now Pay Later Programmes

With the rise of e-commerce, BNPL schemes are quickly becoming a popular payment method. Buy Now, Pay Later programmes are a payment method that allows consumers to pay for their purchases in short instalments without any interest charges or fees. When buying ergonomic furniture from Ergonomics, you can use Atome to enjoy exclusive discount vouchers. All you need to do is scan the QR code online or in-store and pay via the Atome App upon checkout. When you sign up for Atome, you’ll also get a welcome voucher that can help cut the cost of your first purchase. With no interest or hidden service fees, track your shopping expenses and payments with ease and stay within your budget without any hassle. 

3. Check for Trade-in Promotions

Not setting up a brand-new office space but rather shifting or revamping it? Look out for trade-in promotions to get discounts on your new purchases. At Ergoworks, we have trade-in promotions where you can trade in your old desk or chair and buy new ones with at least a 10% discount. 

Shop on Ergoworks with Atome

If you are looking to design an ergonomic office space, look no further than the extensive selection of ergonomic office chairs and sit-stand desks on Ergoworks. Our Ergo Office collection has all your ergonomic office needs covered. Contact us for more information on our selection of office essentials and all the promotions and deals we have available to help design an ergonomic office on a budget.