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The Age of Digital Set Ups

In the age of digital professions and gaming marathons, an optimal screen setup is not just about luxury—it's a necessity.

Drawing from the robust selection at Ergoworks, we explore the world of monitor arms, including single and dual options, and how they can drastically improve your workstation's ergonomics and efficiency.

Why Invest in a Monitor Arm?

Ergonomic Benefits

A monitor arm allows you to adjust the height and angle of your monitor to an ideal position, reducing discomfort by minimising the need to hunch or crane your neck.

Space Management

A monitor arm free ups space for better organisation and provides room for additional desk accessories, such as an ergonomic mouse or ergonomic keyboard.

Types of Monitor Arms

Single Monitor Arms

Ideal for standard desk setups, a single monitor arm frees up valuable desk space and allows for tilt, swivel and height adjustments.

Dual Monitor Arms

Perfect for professionals who multitask extensively, a dual monitor arm provides a secure and organised way to hold two monitors side-by-side.

Monitor Stands

A monitor stand offers a static solution for those who do not require the flexibility of an adjustable monitor arm.

Choosing the Right Monitor Arm

Assess Your Needs

First, consider your workspace based on your needs. Gamers and creative professionals often benefit from dual monitor arms for increased screen space. For basic office tasks, a single monitor arm might suffice.

Features to Look For

Focus on critical features, such as height adjustability for maintaining good posture and smooth swivel and tilt options.

Ease of installation is a plus, and a sturdy monitor arm should support the weight of your monitor. Check for VESA mount compatibility, a universal monitor mount standard.

Monitor Arm Installation Tips

Installation Tips and Best Practices

Monitor arms typically include detailed instructions for a hassle-free setup. Secure the arm to your desk using either a clamp or grommet mount, then attach your monitor with the VESA mount as directed in your monitor's manual, ensuring a quick and effective installation.

Once secure, adjust the monitor arm's height, tilt and swivel to achieve a comfortable viewing position. Your eyes should be level with the top of your monitor.

Optimising Your Workspace

With your monitor off the desk, you now have room for additional equipment or a clutter-free workspace. Adjusting the monitor's position can reduce neck and eye strain, leading to better posture and increased focus throughout the day.

Ergoworks' Range of Monitor Arms & Stands

At Ergoworks, we're committed to satisfying our customers’ needs with a wide range of quality monitor arms in Singapore that improves your health at work.

Here's a closer look at some of Ergoworks’ top sellers:


Enhance your productivity and multitasking with the EW-DLB502D. This dual monitor arm positions each screen independently for optimal viewing, reducing eye strain and promoting a healthy posture.


The EW-DLB502S uses a clean cable management system. This single monitor arm provides a wide range of swivel movements for easy content sharing and improved ergonomics allowing for a more organised and productive workspace.

A Monitor Arm to Promote a Healthier Workplace

Investing in the right monitor arm or monitor stand is not just about enhancing your office aesthetics; it also promotes a healthier and more productive workspace. By aligning your monitors at the perfect height and angle, you contribute significantly to your physical well-being and enhance your work performance.

Check out Ergoworks for the ideal monitor arm or monitor stand that suits your professional or gaming needs today!